United Radio has been providing remanufacturing and repair solutions for electronics providers worldwide for nearly a century.

Partnering with leading brands in automotive and consumer electronics, and two-way communications manufacturers, the company has built a global reputation as an integrated solution partner.

Our company vision is to be the world standard in creating innovative solutions to the emerging technological needs of our customers. Our core values are listed below.

Mission Statement

The purpose of our organization is to provide consistent, high-quality professional service to the electronics marketplace.  To accomplish this, we employ, support and empower quality individuals, and provide a great place to work.

All people have inherent value.
Our differences make us stronger.
Family sustains, stabilizes, and defines us.
We Believe…
Honesty and integrity will build lasting relationships.
We have a responsibility to each other to create a better community.
Learning, growing, and accepting challenges enriches and fulfills our lives.
Our leadership team

Leadership team

The United Radio Leadership team is comprised of senior management team members from across our organization.

Dedicated. Inspired. United. 

Radio repair leaves owner “over the moon”

When Corey Martino took over as manager of the Land, Mobile, Radio Service within the Communications Division at United Radio, he wanted customers to know that his staff was willing to look at any communications product for repair.

After all, when it comes to repairing communications products, especially two-way radios, no one does it better than United Radio.


Recently, John Prete walked into United Radio with a vintage 1960’s Motorola radio that needed to be repaired. The radio has tubes inside it and requests to repair tube radios are not as common for United Radio as it once was.

Regardless, Corey and David Bunch accepted the challenge and went to work to diagnose the issue. “Once we opened the back of the radio, we saw right away what the issue was,” said David. “After hearing Mr. Prete’s story that the radio was a gift from his brother, who had passed, we wanted to take extra precaution and make sure we approached this particular repair process correctly.”

Fortunately for Corey and David, they were able to consult with Jim Fellows, United Radio’s Director of Technical Development. Jim has well over 50 years’ experience with communications technology repair and is quite familiar with repairing tube radios.

Jim explained, “It was a 1960’s Motorola brand radio and as soon I heard the radio, I knew the problem,” he said. “It was a filter capacitor. It’s actually the single most common problem in equipment like this.”

Once Jim confirmed the problem, David set out to replace the filter capacitor. Since the original part is no longer available, David had to put in three individual filter capacitors to correct the problem.

“It was cool working on a special project like this and learning things about repairing old radios,” said David. “For example, when we work on some radios, the first thing we do is to plug it in to diagnose the problem. However, Jim told us you don’t immediately plug in older tube radios to diagnose them. Special procedures are required when servicing them.”

The radio was successfully repaired and returned to Mr. Prete.

“I was just over the moon with the service I received from United Radio,” he said. “The radio is now actually able to get more channels than before the repair and sounds great. I can’t thank United Radio enough for the great customer service that I received.”

“We’ve seen such an increase in customer satisfaction since we’ve started taking in every type of communications product and working on it,” said Corey. “We’ve had people telling their friends and family members about our repair service and we’ve had more and more people contacting us asking if we can fix their communications product.

We’re doing everything we can to try and fix their product. Even if we can’t provide a fix, customers are just happy with the level of service that we could provide and listening to them and trying to help them out.

Customers are so grateful that we were able to save them some money by pointing them in another direction for repair. We’ve actually had people offering us tours of their facilities. It feels that great we are helping out all these people.”

Christmas Cheer Throughout the Year

The idea of Christmas in July was introduced in June by our Stir the Pot committee. The committee established a goal to help a Hospice family in July.  The committee reached out to Hospice and immediately they knew of a family in need.  A young 34-year-old mother with 2 young children with cancer, who was being cared for by her mom.

As usual UR sprang into action.  Ideas came from all divisions and all departments.  Everyone was doing their part.  This was the first time that all divisions and departments have worked together on anything in a very long time, and it was beautiful.

Unfortunately, the mom passed before the gifts arrived, so the grandmother is now caring for her grandchildren, alone.  Contact continued with the family through Hospice and the gifts were delivered on July 30th.

Gifts included: dolls, dinosaurs, outdoor toys, pool and slip & slide, food, and many gift cards.  The grandmother will be saving some of the toys so that they can be given at later times such as birthdays and Christmas.  The generosity of United Radio will carry on for this family for many months to come.

“We have a responsibility to each other to create a better community.” – United Radio Core Value

Automotive, Peachtree, Consumer, Communication, and Corporate all played a part in changing the lives of others at a very difficult time.  We talk about the United Radio culture and this shows it at its best.  We have a team of people who care for each other and for others, who put other’s needs above their own and who band together to make big impacts.  UR Pride…Thank you!

Although our records date back to 2000, the spirit of giving has always been present.  The Employees of UR originally teamed up with Catholic Charities to assist with their Christmas Drive which supplied food and a few gifts for local families.

Since that time the donations are countless, some include:

  • September 11, 2001 to the Rural Trade Center Disaster Fund
  • December 2001, we adopted a family spending the holidays with the Rescue Mission; a Mother and her three boys
  • 2004, Foster Care Program with Randy Hall where we provided gifts for boys/girls ages 11-18
  • Winds of Agape which is a non-profit organization that provides food, emergency food pantries, collection, and distribution of furniture, helping elderly with yard work, programs to keep kids off the streets and much more…We collected furniture and food.
  • Ronald McDonald House- we delivered cleaning supplies and gifts for families staying at Ronald McDonald House during the holidays.
  • Vera House- we provided stockings for all the kids staying at Vera House or protected location during the holidays. Right before Christmas Vera House experienced a flood and lost most of their Christmas decorations.  Our team came through with a Christmas Tree, decorations and all the trimmings.
  • 2012-We also contributed to the American Red Cross, Humane Society, The Food Bank and to Meals on Wheels and Helping Hounds.
  • 2012- We adopted a military unit and donated gift cards for Internet connections for soldiers.
  • Southwest Community Center – We delivered gifts and food to help local families in need.
  • 2013- While delivering to Southwest Community Center we were approached by Thomas “Our Christmas Angel” who told us about the Oxford Inn Men’s Shelter that assists men in finding jobs when they have been misplaced from their homes. We worked with them to provide Men’s Business Clothing as well as kits with personal toiletries.

It was 2009 when we began our relationship with Hospice, and we donated to our first adopted family.  What is special about these families is they are losing a loved one during the holiday season.  A social worker has identified them as a family that could use additional support through gifts, food, and supplies.

The social worker works with the family to try to identify needs and provide us with as much information as possible.  During these times most families are reluctant to ask for help.  A list is provided to United Radio and the Spirit of UR begins.  Each year, time and time again, through some difficult times our people have joined together to provide Christmas for a family.

There have been many events held and additional charities throughout the years. Some of the recent events include:

  • Additional families have been supported and adopted by Automotive employee Missy Hubbard and her team.
  • Our Peachtree City team collected school supplies for a school district in their area.
  • Our Consumer Division holds an annual Trees for Troops fundraiser among other events.
  • Our Communications and Corporate employees recently teamed up to donate books and blankets to the Syracuse City School District.

United Radio Core Values:

  • All people have inherent value.
  • Our differences make us stronger.
  • Family sustains, stabilizes, and defines us.
  • Learning, growing, and accepting challenges enriches and fulfills our lives.
  • We have a responsibility to each other to create a better community.
  • Honesty and integrity will build lasting relationships.
Jacob Rubenstein
Any endeavor, to be successful, has to be fair to all parties involved.
– Jacob Rubenstein, Founder

Our History

United Radio was established in 1923 by Jacob H. Rubenstein, a self-taught engineer and inventor who had a great passion for electronics and a strong desire to know how everything worked. In a small, one-man repair shop in downtown Syracuse, Jake assembled “cat’s whisker” radio kits for retail customers. His repair skills adapted to changes in radio and entertainment systems and the company grew to accommodate the demand for fast, skilled specialized repair services.

United Radio’s reputation for quality service generated an increasing workload. Milton, Jake’s oldest son, came into the business full time when he returned from military service in 1953. Jake’s younger son Arnold joined the company full time when he returned from military service in 1962. As the workload increased, Milt and Arnie created three divisions. Milt managed the two-way Communications business; Arnie managed the Consumer products division and Stan Marcum managed the Automotive division. As the workload increased, United Radio expanded its technical staff, and added a computer system to help control the organizational workflow. Jeff Rubenstein, a third-generation Rubenstein family member, joined as systems manager.

Phillip Rubenstein, Arnold’s son, became president of the company in 2005 and Phil’s sister Mara is the company’s vice-president and director of human resources.

The company’s commitment to its core values is clearly evident on their website, which states: “We believe that all people have inherent value; our differences make us stronger; family sustains,  stabilizes and defines us; honesty and integrity will build lasting relations; we have a responsibility to each other to create a better community; learning, growing and accepting challenges enriches and fulfills our lives.”

Continued growth at United Radio required it to move to even larger quarters. Today United Radio, located on Enterprise Parkway, is a major provider of:

  • electronics products and service for most major car manufacturers.
  • after-the-sales service solutions for the consumer electronics industry. From large scale depot repair programs to complete reverse logistics solutions.
  • complete service, installation and report excellence for first responders at one of the largest repair facilities for industry-leading manufacturers of two-way products in the United States.

United Radio has more certified electronic technicians than any other independent service center in the United States and its three divisions service more than 3,000 units every day.

The guiding principles above have worked in tandem nearly 100 years, allowing us to grow from a space within an outlet store at 115 West Jefferson Street, Syracuse, to six buildings, three divisions, in three states, run by one big happy family!

Jake's Place Book Cover

Jake’s Place, From One Man’s Passion to a Corporation

For a better understanding of our company,…please contact The Onondaga Historical Association to get your copy of our book, “Jake’s Place, From One Man’s Passion to a Corporation”, written by Arnold J. Rubenstein.

Our locations

Drone shot of United Radio's Syracuse Campus
Corporate Headquarters
5703-17 Enterprise Parkway
East Syracuse, NY 13057
315.446.7181 or 800.448.0944
Monday – Friday
8:00AM – 5:00PM

The corporate headquarters is home to the Automotive Electronics, Consumer Electronics, and Communications Division, and is located at 5703-5717 on Enterprise Parkway in East Syracuse, New York. The campus encompasses over 500,000 square feet of space, specially designed to accommodate the needs of high volume state-of-the-art electronic equipment repairs. Our unique computerized systems not only track every unit throughout the repair process, but enable us to communicate directly with manufacturers, dealers, and customers worldwide.

United Radio's Peachtree, Georgia Campus
Automotive Southern Operations
780 Highway 74 South
Peachtree City, GA 30269
770.632.3562 or 800.448.0944
Monday – Friday
8:30AM – 5:30PM

Our Peachtree City automotive operations is located at 780 Highway 74 South, Peachtree City, Georgia. It has been serving automotive manufacturers since 2007. As business increased, so did the need for a larger facility. In 2014, the PTC branch relocated to a 123,000 square foot building that sits on 40 acres of the former Panasonic campus, right next door to one of our customers, Panasonic Automotive. Having a full-service branch in Peachtree City Georgia allows United Radio to the ability to service customers worldwide.

United Radio latest Colorado location
Consumer Western Operations
1455 South West 5000 Suite C
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
315.446.8700 or 800.634.8606
Monday – Friday
8:30AM – 5:30PM (MST)

United Radio announced the expansion of its remanufacturing operations to the Western United States. The company will begin operating a repair and distribution center in Salt Lake City, Utah as part of its strategic growth plans. “This expansion will allow us to meet the growing needs of our customers on the west coast as well as provide better coverage for the whole country,” said United Radio President Phil Rubenstein. “Salt Lake City provides us with the best opportunity to establish our operations out west and meet the needs of our customers.”

Industries We Serve

Partnering with leading brands in automotive and consumer electronics, and two-way communications industries, the company has built a global reputation as an integrated solutions partner.