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Automotive Electronics

Our Automotive Electronics business is no longer just about quality repairs of automotive equipment; it’s about providing efficient integrated solutions to manufacturers, dealers and automotive businesses.

On top of remanufacturing and exchange, United Radio offers a diverse array of customized services, including branded customer service, web portal ordering, failure analysis and reporting, line recall, logistics, distribution, vehicle integration, inventory management, warehousing and sales. United Radio has been providing smart solutions to more than 40,000 dealers and manufacturers in more than 140 countries for virtually every major car manufacturer and original equipment supplier in the world. On top of remanufacturing and exchange, we offer a diverse array of customized services to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs.
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Consumer Electronics

Our Consumer Electronics Division is a leader in offering after-the-sales service solutions to the electronics industry. From large scale depot repair programs to complete reverse logistics solutions, we are here to meet our customer’s needs.

United Radio currently performs service on many leading brands of stereos, receivers, speakers, DVD and Blu-ray players, gaming systems and other home entertainment products. Our wide range of expertise has led many manufacturers to choose us as their regional service provider. We also perform back-up service for many independent retail dealers and servicers as part of our depot service program. Extended warranty companies use United Radio where local service is not an option.
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Communications Divison

The United Radio Communications Division mission is to help first responders save lives, increase productivity, and return home safely.  We do this by developing customized product and services plans tailored to meet their specific needs.

We offer complete service, installation and repair excellence at one of the largest repair facilities for industry-leading manufacturers of two-way products in the United States. This includes repair and installation services for public safety vehicle equipment, including light-duty trucks and heavy equipment at our spacious repair center or at your location. 
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The Research, Development, and Innovation team is responsible for keeping United Radio on the cutting edge of today’s rapidly changing high-tech electronics industry

Our mission is to always provide our customers with innovative and efficient technical solutions to meet their emerging technological needs. Our engineers design and build specialized test equipment, not only for ourselves, but also on behalf of our current customers.
This fulfills a critical need to interface with the complex network and digital communications systems found in today’s electronics. We can now use service modules or portions of larger systems without having the entire system on site.
One of our many specialties is in automotive electronics. We can recreate our customer’s vehicle networking environment. This allows us to operate, repair and fully test any portion of the vehicle’s entertainment system, or the many electronic control systems independently.
In addition, we have thought leaders who are continually exploring the latest trends to discover our customer’s future needs, even before they know what those needs will be in order to be successful.

United Radio has relationships with nearly 100 manufacturers within the automotive and consumer electronics industries, as well as a significant number of first responder organizations.

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