United Radio moves to larger location in Salt Lake City
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United Radio moves to larger location in Salt Lake City
Thursday April 21, 2022

United Radio, a provider of remanufacturing and repair solutions for the electronics industry worldwide, has moved its Western Operation to a larger facility in Salt Lake City. “In just over a year we have been…

A satisfied Sony customer with a simple message
Company News
A satisfied Sony customer with a simple message
Thursday February 17, 2022

In a time when many in society feel it easier to throw away a product and buy a new one, rather than get it repaired, one Sony customer found the reverse to be true. Here…

United Radio launches new UR Dealer Sales website
Company News
United Radio launches new UR Dealer Sales website
Tuesday January 18, 2022

United Radio Automotive customers now have a quick and easy way to learn about the products and services offered by the Sales & Upgrades Department. For the first time ever the new website www.urdealersales.com/ and…

United Radio employee focus: Jim Fellows, Director of Technical Development

Jim recently celebrated his 50th year of employment at United Radio! He has held several positions during the last half century with the company and is currently Director of Technical Development, which involves training United Radio employees to get their Certified Electronics Technician certification amongst other accreditations.  Also, in support of United Radio’s dedication to community and industry service, Jim serves on the Board of Directors for several local schools and national electronics trade organizations.

Jim possesses several industry-related accolades. Two that he is most proud of include being inducted into the National Electronics Industry Hall of Fame “For outstanding service to mankind through contributions to the advancement of the electronics industry” in 2012.

Jim also received the first-ever Gerry M. McCann, CET/CSM/EHF Memorial from the National Electronic Services Dealers Association, “For dedication to promoting the goals and welfare of NESDA” during the preceding year in 2008. He again received the award in 2019.

We asked some members of our Senior Management Team this question: “What has Jim Fellows meant to you and your division during his 50 years of service to UR?”

Here are their responses.

Phil Rubenstein: Jim Fellows has been a teacher and mentor to me for many of his 50 years at United Radio, in not just electronics, but also customer service and when to use more commas.

Mara Charlamb: Where do I begin to try to explain what Jim Fellows has meant to me over the vast majority of my life? As Jim will tell you, he has known me since I was in diapers. Our relationship has seen many different phases over the course of 5 decades. He has watched over me when I was young, taught me about United Radio, and managed me when I was working in “the Shop” as we used to call it. Today, he is still trying to teach me electronics, advise me on things that have or have not worked in the past, and ensure that Phil and I continue the success of United Radio.  Most importantly, Jim is FAMILY and I don’t tell him that enough!

Keith Martin: The thing that stands out to me about Jim is his enthusiasm and willingness to teach others the things he has learned.  He has spent years not only trying to better people for United Radio but to also give them skills that will make them better for the rest of their lives.

Jim Fitzgerald: I have had the pleasure of seeing the amount of respect and admiration Jim is viewed with from people in our industry. His name is synonymous with United Radio in our industry. The legacy he has created is well known and respected. I aspire to gain the respect and influence he has achieved in our industry.  He is a role model and hero to me.

Mark Fuller: “For me, Jim has always represented our commitment as an organization to “Learning, growing and accepting challenges…” He and Arnie bring a wealth of history, institutional knowledge and deliver plain-talk perspective often when it is difficult for some of us to hear. I appreciate Jim’s commitment to teaching, his ability to meet his students where they are and his innate knowledge of how stuff works.

Here is some more about Jim:

What makes you the happiest at work? When we are recognized by a customer or dealer for the great service we provided.

When not at work, you’ll probably find me doing this:  Reading, working on my old house, and playing guitar.

Looking into the future, the one thing I’m most excited about for United Radio is: The amount of electronics in almost all new products; automotive, industrial, and consumer is increasing at a very fast rate.  New semiconductors entering the market promise to make greater advances in efficiency, especially in the automotive and power industries. United Radio can service almost any type of electronic equipment, so the opportunities are endless.

Why have I stayed at United Radio for 50 years?

My previous job was as part owner of a small electronics service business in Oneida, NY. We ran a very ethical company, and prided ourselves in how well we treated our customers. I knew about United Radio at that time and had heard they had a great reputation.  Also, I had purchased parts from them in 50s and 60s when they were in the old State St. location, and I was always treated very well at the counter. When I was offered a job at UR, it was a tough decision, but I felt in the long run it would be the right choice. After a very short time at UR, I really enjoyed the family atmosphere and how well everyone worked together. Equally important, their business philosophy meshed very well with my own. In short, just “Do the right thing”. Today that is summarized in our “Core Values”, and I often refer to it as the “United Radio Way”. I’m very proud of how we conduct business at UR, and have never regretted choosing to come here.

Jim Fellows hard at work with our team!

Dedicated. Inspired. United. 

Sara Farley shares a UR core value related experience

One United Radio core value state, “We have a responsibility to each other to create a better community. Sara Farley, a business and systems analyst in our IT department recently shared why she believes in this core value. Here is her story:


I began with mixed feelings about being selected to serve on a grand jury for six weeks. I was excited to be able to see our criminal justice system up close but also not so excited to be elected as the secretary for my jury group. This means I could not just come in and serve my civic duty, but I had to be very much involved and accurate with what I was documenting and what I was hearing. Talk about pressure.

Each day we served we would have anywhere between 2 to 7 prosecutors come in back-to-back and present their cases. They were mostly presented in the form of witnesses, documents, and surveillance videos. Depending on the crime, the time spent presenting the case and voting could be anywhere between 15 minutes to several hours. Once all evidence has been presented to the grand jury, the prosecutor reads the charges and law pertaining to those charges out loud to the jury panel. They may also read any definitions pertaining to those charges. If no questions from the jury, all parties that are non-jury panel leave the room for each charge to be voted on separately. The deliberation and voting are done in private.

For those who may not know, the purpose of a grand jury is to formally charge people accused of felonies, or to not charge if there is not enough evidence believed to do so. At least 12 of the 23 jurors must agree there is enough evidence for a trial to indict.

In the end I came away from my time at the courthouse with a real appreciation for grand juries and our justice system. There is a saying “A grand jury will even indict a ham sandwich”. The reputation to some extent is justified, but from my experience on a jury panel this was not always the case. I am confident in the decisions we made collectively as group as everyone had the same motive to try and help keep Onondaga county as much safer as we were given the opportunity to.

When asked if I would come back and serve again without having to be told to do so, I most certainly would. I really enjoyed the experience and even would want to serve as secretary again.

United Radio events help make holidays happier for those in need

There were several events were held within our United Radio family and resulted in donations within their respective community during the 2021 holiday season.

These are all great examples of our United Radio core value: We have a responsibility to each other to create a better community.

  • Missy Hubbard held her annual collection. This is one of several boxes of contributions for this year’s family in need gathered this year.
  • Mark and Denise Nettnin with one of many trunk loads of donations to this year’s Hospice Christmas family. Donations were also collected through raffles and Jeans-Day events.
  • Money raised from the ticket sale from the PTC Wooden Flag raffle was turned over to Margaret Bryan Turman, Director of Nursing of Sacred Journey Hospice in Newnan, GA. The money will go to 14-year-old twins whose dad passed last week.
  • Peachtree City held a toy drive for Toys for Tots. We collected 1 big box of toys that will be distributed to the children in our community through the Georgia Southside Toys for Tots. The toys were picked up by Mr. Darryl Meadows. One toy donated, got one raffle ticket to win a rolling cooler. Brandy Morris won!
  • Employees at our Salt Lake City facility held a raffle for a United Radio family member in need. According to Alia Elu, “We were able to raise $330 for this individual!”

Thank you very much to everyone who donated!

United Radio Core Values:

  • All people have inherent value.
  • Our differences make us stronger.
  • Family sustains, stabilizes, and defines us.
  • Learning, growing, and accepting challenges enriches and fulfills our lives.
  • We have a responsibility to each other to create a better community.
  • Honesty and integrity will build lasting relationships.

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