What makes you the happiest at work?
When we are recognized by a customer or dealer for the great service we provided.
When not at work, you’ll probably find me doing this:
Reading, working on my old house, and playing guitar.
Looking into the future, the one thing I’m most excited about for United Radio is:
The amount of electronics in almost all new products; automotive, industrial, and consumer is increasing at a very fast rate. New semiconductors entering the market promise to make greater advances in efficiency, especially in the automotive and power industries. United Radio can service almost any type of electronic equipment, so the opportunities are endless.
Why have I stayed at United Radio for 50 years?
My previous job was as part owner of a small electronics service business in Oneida, NY. We ran a very ethical company, and prided ourselves in how well we treated our customers. I knew about United Radio at that time and had heard they had a great reputation. Also, I had purchased parts from them in 50s and 60s when they were in the old State St. location, and I was always treated very well at the counter. When I was offered a job at UR, it was a tough decision, but I felt in the long run it would be the right choice. After a very short time at UR, I really enjoyed the family atmosphere and how well everyone worked together. Equally important, their business philosophy meshed very well with my own. In short, just “Do the right thing”. Today that is summarized in our “Core Values”, and I often refer to it as the “United Radio Way”. I’m very proud of how we conduct business at UR, and have never regretted choosing to come here.