• Consumer Electronics

    Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

    The technology we work with may have changed over time, but our commitment to fast, quality repair remains consistent. We are committed to customer satisfaction based on fast product turnaround, an exceptionally high first-time repair rate and ensuring a positive service experience from start to finish.
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    Consumer Electronics

    Maximizing Product Value

    We continually make improvements in processes and efficiencies and provide a total solutions package for after-the-sale service. By ensuring that repairs, refurbishment and re-selling occur with minimum delay, we limit the amount of time a product waits to return to the marketplace and help manufacturers and dealers maximize the value of their products.
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    Consumer Electronics

    Transparent Operations

    We provide a view into our operations so that customers do not need to guess what is happening with their products. Web-accessible critical performance indicators give manufacturers real-time information to make informed decisions, and customized electronic data interchange allows for accurate, timely inventory analysis.



Our core business is repair and refurbishing. Our technicians are highly skilled and individually trained to work on specific product lines, resulting in faster diagnoses and turnaround times.



United Radio is your one stop national service center. You may ship your product to us for repair or carry in your product to our shop in East Syracuse.



Our team of highly skilled technicians provides factory-authorized repair service for the leading appliance and electronics brands to customers’ homes throughout Upstate New York.

  • Depot

    Our depot service provides uniquely tailored programs to meet the specific requirements of each manufacturer. We monitor repairs with computerized workflow systems to provide fast, convenient service experiences for customers.

  • Reverse Logistics

    We work closely with manufacturers and dealers of electronic equipment to provide full product refurbishment, repackaging, warehousing and distribution of returned products.

  • Products Serviced

    Since 1923, United Radio has built its reputation on quality, speed, reliability and customer service. From aftermarket car and home audio and video products to appliances and much more, United Radio solves equipment problems.

  • Price Lists

    Reasonably priced repair and shipping costs. 90 day warranty on in-home service, 6 months on home audio and video and 1 year on car audio/video products.

  • Ship In Product

    United Radio is your one stop national service center. You may ship your product to us for repair from anywhere in the U.S.

  • Carry In Product

    We are conveniently located in central NY. You are welcome to carry in your product to our shop in East Syracuse.

  • Check Repair Status

    Have an item with United Radio for repair work? Check here for a real-time look at the status of your project.