United Radio employees featured on WAER podcast

United Radio employees Brad Wiley, Apriah Scruggs-Muhammad and Mike Fabery were featured in this WAER FM-88 City Limits podcast, “A Working Dilemma – Filling the Job Vacancy Void with Technical Training?”

Businesses and manufacturers in Central New York frequently say they have job openings but, the local workforce lacks the necessary qualified candidates with college degrees, specific skill sets and certified job training. The job vacancy dilemma has educators and businesses looking to CTE – Career and Technical Education with many career pathways that students can explore. Does it work? John Smith speaks to Syracuse City School Administrators, students and businesses to find out.

To hear the 24 minute podcast click here . To hear the segment with Brad and Apriah, jump ahead to the 12:05 minute mark of the podcast. To hear segment with Mike, just ahead to the 16:28 minute mark of the podcast.