United Radio celebrates Earth Day

United Radio is the leading provider of electronics repair and remanufacturing services. But our company is not just repairing electronics, we’re reducing waste, using recycled materials and pioneering sustainable solutions.

“At United Radio we utilize a combination of expert repair services, in-depth failure analysis, and implement logistics solutions that help to extend the lifespan of electronics and reduce their environmental impact,” said Phil Rubenstein, United Radio President.

When parts can’t be reused, they are recycled. Here are some of United Radio’s recent recycling highlights:

  • Recycled 519,725 pounds of mixed metals, aluminum, and plastics.
  • Recycled just over 4,000 pounds of scrap consisting of cables and metals.
  • Recycled 151,232 pounds of e-waste (over 63 metric tons).
  • Recycled 1,527 batteries.
  • Recycled 1,014 tons of cardboard and paper.
  • Recycled 1,098 light bulbs.
  • Delivered 269 pallets of scrap to our Recycling Industry Operations Standards certified partner.

With state-of-the-art logistics, United Radio is faster and more reliable than ever before. The company is growing, evolving, and leading the charge into a sustainable future.