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    Technical Development


    We employ a full-time Corporate Director of Technical Development who provides both group and individual training on subjects such as basic electronics, product specific technology, and training on new technology that enters the market. We proudly employ Certified Electronic Technicians and A+ Certified Technicians as part of our commitment to provide ISO 9001:2000 quality service.
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    Technical Development

    United Radio developed and built an exclusive soundproof 16 -channel Listening Evaluation room to test our automotive audio products for sound clarity and absence of noise and distortions. The Listening Evaluation room employs a special tester which can accommodate any automotive audio / entertainment product and match it to the complete array of corresponding speakers to fully recreate the vehicle’s surround sound listening environment.
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    Technical Development

    We employ a team of engineers who design automated, computer controlled test equipment to vigorously test all the functions of the product before it leaves our facilities. Our capabilities include multiple BGA Rework machines, positive-pressure clean room, hardware design and software development. If your product requires specific test equipment, we can design and build it very economically.



United Radio provides unequalled support and award winning sales to its customers. From consumer home entertainment products and home office equipment to complex automotive electronics, commercial two-way radios, and test equipment.



United Radio is specially designed to accommodate the needs of high volume state-of-the-art electronic equipment repairs. We have specialized our space and work force to be the best that we can be in every area.



United Radio’s R&D program is focused on meeting our customer’s needs with innovation and efficient technical solutions.