Newly re-launched United Radio eBay store reaches 100 Perfect Positive Reviews!

The Automotive Radio Sales department re-launched the United Radio eBay store in mid-2022, and after six months of active sales the group has recently hit 100 buyer reviews, and every single one is a perfect 100% positive!

This is no small achievement as the automotive overstock being sold does require buyers to read the product listings telling them they need to have the correct radio part number as well as possibly take the radio to their new car dealer for everything to work perfectly when installed.  Many buyers do NOT read the listings, and still the reviews are STELLAR!

Great job to John Tobin and Dan Marafino for their excellent eBay customer service skills!

If you’re interested in joining the sales team, we’re still looking for the right person to take charge of this exciting new program – check out the current job posting here!

A couple examples of the enthusiastic feedback so far: