Product Sales

Two-Way Radios

Efficiency, productivity and safety are vital to your organization. With a wide variety of models and features, two-way mobile and portable radios can be ideal solutions for your communication needs. To find out the latest mobile radio features like mobile data and GPS tracking, contact an associate today!

Body Worn Cameras

Improved technological advancements in digital cameras, security surveillance systems, body-worn cameras and biological detection services present a number of advantages for Homeland Security industry, police operations, first responders and commercial operations.

In-Vehicle Camera

Whether you are a driver or a passenger, in-vehicle cameras are used to prevent dangerous behaviors in and around your vehicle to make sure that you are protected in any situation. These cameras provide you with security features, data and world class technology that will put you at ease.

Voice Pagers

United Radio offers Motorola Fire Pagers. Let us provide your agency with the tools to confidently dispatch your fire and safety personnel.

Vehicle Intercom Systems

We offer multiple industry-leading manufacturers’ headsets, intercoms and radio interfaces for the fire and rescue industry. Our manufacturers are continuously developing innovative products to provide the best communications technology focused on quality hearing protection, ease of use and affordability.

Communication Systems

United Radio’s diverse portfolio of robust infrastructure products offers complete solutions to maximize the functionality, scalability and performance of your two-way radio system and wireless networks, helping to ensure clarity, reliability and security. The professionals at United Radio can help design and implement mission-critical communication systems that boost productivity, enhance safety and meet your specific needs. Contact us for a free consultation today!

Dispatch Centers

The Communications Division can meet your command and control needs with a wide variety of dispatch solutions. From a small desktop controller in the warehouse to a multi-position communication center, we have the experience and products to make the heart of your communications system a success.

Inflatable Air Towers

Portable inflatable towers can provide everything you need to quickly put up antennas/repeaters, video or sensor payloads during emergencies or at large public gatherings. They can be mounted on any vehicle to enhance the radio or mobile phone range on any remote operation. They easily handle 35+ mph winds, and super-rugged materials are perfect for outdoor use. They are self-inflating, and automatic pressure control allows you to focus on the issues at hand. Made in the U.S.A.