Business Solutions

A do-it-yourself maintenance strategy doesn’t always make sense when you’re trying to balance the many demands on your time, budget and people. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be your job. Why not let us help? We provide the technical expertise; you get the peace of mind. Our technical experts can assist with a variety of business solutions:

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance agreements are about controlling costs. A good plan doesn’t cost you money…it saves you money. Keep your equipment operating in peak condition without worrying about the bottom line. Maintenance agreements range from simple annual preventative maintenance to Total Care complete service coverage for all your two-way products. 24/7 service is available. Call for details and a custom quote. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Wireless Coverage

Employees are more mobile than ever, and small and medium-sized businesses are turning to wireless networking to keep them connected. Small businesses have experimented with wireless networking for years. A tech-savvy employee, accustomed to Wi-Fi connectivity at home, might set up a wireless LAN (WiLAN) at the office. Or an IT person might add a single wireless access point to the network, usually in a conference room or near a lobby.

Today, however, WiLAN adoption by small and medium-sized businesses has come of age. About 50 percent of these businesses are installing WiLANs. Instead of simply installing a wireless access point here or there, many businesses are making wireless coverage available throughout their offices or, with larger companies, across a campus. The increased growth of these pervasive WiLANs is helping businesses unlock new benefits as they:

  • Boost employee productivity on the go
  • Work together more effectively
  • Accomplish more with less

Project Design

Have a plan? How about a budget? Let our experts connect your agency to the resources that command success. We pride ourselves on a rich, collaborative relationship with our clients. From conception to implementation, your project will be in your control with help from our experienced and qualified staff. Not sure we can help? It doesn’t hurt to ask, give us a call!