Communications Division upgrades Onondaga County Emergency Communications mobile data network

East Syracuse, NY – United Radio has been chosen by the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Communications to upgrade its mobile data network.

The project, implemented by United Radio’s Communications Division, includes a large- scale upgrade to the County’s mobile data network for approximately 800 public services vehicles. This includes law enforcement, emergency medical services, and fire and rescue vehicles from across 19 towns, 15 villages, the City of Syracuse, and the Onondaga Nation.

“This project fits right in with our Communications Division mission, which is to help first responders save lives, increase productivity and return home safely,” said Heather Reed, United Radio Communications General Manager. “One way we accomplish this by offering complete service, installation and repair excellence for first responders from our two-way communications
repair facility, which is one the largest in America.”

This project will be led by United Radio Installation Manager Brent Salmon. He has been a member of the Communication Division for 16 years and is no stranger to handling such a large-scale project.       

We take great pride in the professional quality of all our custom installation projects and I insist on the highest level of workmanship from my team,” said Salmon. “We are ready to take on a project of this scope and size.” 

Most County public service vehicles will have installed a Sierra Wireless AirLink® MP70. The AirLink® MP70, with a single LTE radio and dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi, enables live video streaming and secure access to remote databases, and delivers connectivity for laptops, tablets, DVRs, and vehicle telemetry. This product comes with 4G and provides mobile mission critical applications in public safety and field service and enables robust and secure Vehicle Area Networks.

Some County public service vehicles will have installed the AirLink® MG90. This product comes with 5G and is built for transit, rail and first responders with dual-Cellular radios and dual Gigabit Wi-Fi delivering always-on connectivity with extensions to Land Mobile Radio and satellite systems.

This project is scheduled to take place over the next four years and will culminate on December 31, 2025.