Cohort 1 – Leadership Development Program Completion (video)

The members of our United Radio Cohort 1 group have officially completed the Leadership Development Program (LDP)!

Please warmly congratulate Adam Jewell, Cheryl Hughes, Denise Nettnin, Ernie Pichette, Kevin Liang, Margaret Kelly, Mel DePan, Missy Hubbard, Philip Moore, and Ryan Osborn on their incredible achievement.

As a cohort, they have shared a wonderful journey. Throughout the two years of LDP, the group has built relationships, their confidence, mentoring skills, an understanding of what leadership looks like at United Radio, and much more. Each of their commitments to learning and growing does not go unnoticed and it’s apparent with their evolution throughout the program.

To celebrate this achievement, Cohort 1 and the LDP Advisory Committee were joined by guests of the cohort and our Senior Management Team. This group spent time offsite to celebrate the cohort’s achievement!