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    Automotive Electronics

    World-Wide Reach

    United Radio’s Automotive Electronics division has been providing smart solutions to more than 40,000 dealers and manufacturers in more than 140 countries for virtually every major car manufacturer and original equipment supplier in the world. We’ve been repairing, exchanging and distributing automotive electronics products for the industry since its inception.
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    Automotive Electronics

    Vehicle Equipment

    Automotive electronic technology continues to change. We first started repairing and installing tube radios in automobiles and have evolved our services and abilities to keep up with advancing technology. The equipment we now handle uses HMI (Human Machine Interface), telematics and GPS, among other innovations.
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    Automotive Electronics

    Integrated Solutions

    Our business is no longer just about quality repairs of automotive equipment; it’s about providing efficient solutions to manufacturers, dealers and automotive businesses. On top of remanufacturing and exchange, we offer a diverse array of customized services, including branded customer service, web portal ordering, failure analysis and reporting, line recall, logistics, distribution, vehicle integration, inventory management, warehousing and sales.



Our core business is repair and remanufacturing. Our technicians are highly skilled and individually trained to work on specific product lines, resulting in faster diagnoses and turnaround times.



Our familiarity with original equipment perfectly situates us to provide sales and distribution to the worldwide automotive market. Our warehousing capability and extensive international logistics experience give us additional advantages.



Our global solutions for original equipment manufacturers include test design and development, subscription service transfer, failure analysis and reporting, and vehicle integration.

  • Repair & Remanufacturing

    Our skilled technicians are experts at software updates all the way through board level repairs.

  • Technical Support

    Direct access to our technicians provides timely and valuable information and feedback to your organization.

  • Failure Analysis and Reporting

    Custom reporting based on precise analysis and diagnostics provides complete visibility and understanding of the repair process.

  • Technical Capabilities

    We have invested in or developed test equipment necessary to support leading edge and emerging technologies.

  • Quality Certifications

    Our commitment to quality is reflected in our extensive in-house and external training and certification programs.

  • Sales Team

    Knowledgeable and friendly product specialists handle all aspects of upgrades, installations and multi-channel marketing.

  • Logistics and Distribution

    Our logistics infrastructure allows us to receive, pack and ship thousands of orders each day.

  • Customer Base

    Our 90-plus-year history with the automotive market leads manufacturers, dealers, expeditors and shops to rely on our excellent service.

  • Facilities and Warehousing

    Warehouses in multiple locations give us huge capacity for efficiently managing product and component inventories.

  • Global Footprint

    We are experts at providing cost-effective exchange and distribution programs all over the world.