Heather Reed
Heather Reed

Communications General Manager


As the newest member of the United Radio family, Heather brings several years of relationship building experience to her role as Communications General Manager.

While serving as a Commercial Manager at M&T Bank, Heather enjoyed working with a diverse group of customers as she managed the bank’s largest commercial client portfolio out of the Upstate NY office.

Heather plans to utilize her experience in leadership, relationship management, and communications as well as her business development skills to grow the Communications Division. Heather is looking forward to working with existing customers and to developing new relationships in order to accomplish her goal!

Heather is also committed to the communities that she has served. She has been recognized by the Small Business Administration for her role in supporting small businesses in Central New York several years in a row.



One thing I want you to know about United Radio is:
The culture is undeniable. The passion and commitment to customer service begins with leadership and is warmly embraced by the team.
Who is someone you admire, and why?
My Children. My Daughter, Serenity inspires me to be better every day. She challenges social norms and stands up for those who are unable to defend themselves. My son, Marcus is the epitome of compassion. He finds good in all people. He holds our family to high standards with his focus on humanity.
What makes you the happiest at work?
To have the opportunity to invest in people. When our employees learn and grow the company will grow. Challenging yourself and being uncomfortable is when growth happens.
I know more about this than most anyone:
Nothing - you never want to be the smartest person in the room.
When not at work, you’ll probably find me doing this:
I’m a year-round sports mom. You will find me in attendance at some type of practice or game.
Looking into the future, the one thing I’m most excited about for United Radio is:
Industry leading technological advancements and innovation in communication.