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United Radio to be featured on Viewpoint

March 18, 2024

Viewpoint Partners with United Radio Inc. to Spotlight Environmental Impact and Economic Opportunities in Electronics Repair and Remanufacturing

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What is the Leadership Development Program?

The LDP is a 2-year program that teaches what leadership looks like at United Radio. Leadership at United Radio is leading with our core values as the foundation. The program is designed to support United Radio employees on their own leadership journeys, whether they are a new leader or further along on their journey.

In the two years of the program there are monthly retreat days and masterclasses. The retreat days feature topics including our core values, emotional intelligence, creativity, inquiry-driven leadership, and more. The program also includes mentoring sessions, which typically occur monthly, for each of the cohort members. The mentoring sessions promote development and growth.

The LDP has built a 5-pillar approach, with the foundation being our core values. The five pillars of the program are: Recruiting, Training, Mentoring, Career Planning, and Succession Planning.

Meet the Advisor Committee:

Phil Rubenstein: Phil is the third generation of Rubenstein’s to lead United Radio, having assumed the presidency from his father, Arnie, in 2005.  Since then, Phil has overseen all aspects of the company’s operations with his sister Mara Charlamb, Vice President.  Together they set the direction of the organization, holding the company’s vision.

Mara Charlamb: As a member of the third generation of the Rubenstein family, Mara has led United Radio, having served as a Partner/Vice President since 1992. Mara also leads the company’s human resources division, where she is instrumental in developing and maintaining successful employee relations for the company.  She also works closely with her brother Phil Rubenstein, President, to maintain the family’s and organization’s culture across all locations.

Mark Fuller: Mark is an enthusiastic financial leader known as a trusted advisor for the CEO. A collaborative professional that builds strong peer relationships through problem solving by transforming data into information. Committed to building a stronger community by providing human services to those most vulnerable.

Josh Forward: Director of Project Management and Change. Josh has been with United Radio for 15 years and has served in several different capacities.

James Branche: Human Resources Manager. James has been with United Radio of 18 years as a valuable member of the HR team.

United Radio Leadership Development Program Cohort 1 Graduation

Dedicated. Inspired. United.

Meet Leadership Development Program Cohort 3 group
Meet Leadership Development Program Cohort 2 group

Anastasia Blaisdell, Automotive, Syracuse

Brian Charlamb, Consumer, Salt Lake City

Eddie Rios, Consumer, Salt Lake City

Ernie Fish, Consumer, Syracuse

Harry Visneau, Automotive, Syracuse

Jose Infante, Consumer, Syracuse

Kelly Rice, Automotive, Peachtree City

Vince Christian, Automotive, Syracuse

Tara Thornton, Communications

Rory Musselman, Consumer Salt Lake City

Mohit Gupta, Information Technology

Lakeitha Williams, Automotive Peachtree City

Kim Lane, Automotive, Syracuse

Joe Ucher, Automotive Peachtree City

Derek Bowers, Automotive, Syracuse

Brenna Cawley, Project and Change Management

Alison Mapes, Automotive Syracuse

November was also a big month for Cohort 2! They have now completed year one of the program and will begin year two in January. Their retreat day topic in November was Gratitude and Appreciation. The cohort reflected on some of these questions throughout the day:

  • What is appreciation, compared to recognition and a compliment?
  • Why is gratitude important in leadership?
  • What are some of the barriers to expressing gratitude?
  • What are some ways to show appreciation? How does United Radio practice this?

This day also gave them an opportunity to express gratitude to their fellow cohort members. Throughout the last year, Cohort 2 has been able form and develop relationships with each other. The cohort includes participants from different divisions, United Radio cities, and varying years of service. Everyone is on their own leadership journey and can learn from each other and the Advisory Committee, which includes James Branche, Josh Forward, Mara Charlamb, Mark Fuller, and Phil Rubenstein.

The Advisory Committee looks forward to the next year of the Leadership Development Program! 2024 will bring the exciting developments of year two for Cohort 2.

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