Dear Ms. Tanya Emmons,

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Anthony Tomarchio, owner/operator of Anthony’s Automotive here in Brooklyn, NY (and retired first responder).

Please be advised of the tremendous sales, service, and support your team displayed in our time of crisis.

“I’d like to personally take this time out and thank both CSA Missy Carson and Tech Trieu Tran for going the extra mile and ensuring a perfect job.

We had a real problem here and anther vendor whom returned our perfecting working and fully bench tested CD changer at their premises, only to have it arrive back here in Brooklyn non-functional and damaged via UPS.

We immediately sent it upstate UPS Ground to United Radio for analysis and Missy went right to bat for us. Trieu Tran meticulously repaired all the internal damage and the CD player is now back in my customer’s 1500-mile 2002 Camaro in “as new” condition!

We love dealing with United Radio because of the exemplary quality and treatment of us like family, not to mention upstate to downstate in only 1-day UPS Ground ship time!

Huge plus for us! Can’t be beat!

Thanks again for employing fantastic quality caring people who make dealing with United Radio such a pleasure. May you and all your employees and loved ones stay safe during these trying times!”

God Bless!

Tony Tomarchio