United Radio has several positive customer service experiences that happen every day. Many of them we just don’t hear about.

But this story is really, really, worth hearing because it’s an amazing story that reaches across two United Radio divisions!

United Radio Automotive Electronics customer Eric Obrochta, owner of South Main Auto Repair in Avoca, NY, posted a video on his popular YouTube channel that caught the eye of a potential United Radio Consumer Electronics customer.

In the video, its United Radio I&D Technician Boyd Raymond who took the initiative to reach out to this customer on his own time, just to make sure that we could make everything right for the customer. Not only did Boyd make the repair, he then followed up with Eric with this email:

Hey Eric,

Just a follow up with you about the Honda Odyssey videos.  I watched the last one that you posted, actually, I’ve watched it probably about ten times by now, and want to say thank you. 

Thank you for your business, thank you for promoting our company, our services, and thank you for being a very valuable customer. I can assure you; all of this has not gone unnoticed.

I’m looking forward to helping you in any way that we can in the future. 

Much thanks,

Boyd Raymond

The awesome customer service experience caught the eye of a car enthusiast and avid viewer of Eric Obrochta’s South Main Auto Repair YouTube channel.

The potential customer was so impressed with United Radio’s effort to help with the Honda Odyssey cluster that he sent an email to Consumer Division General Manager Jim Fitzgerald. In part the car enthusiast wrote:

“I was really taken by the comments and I wanted to reach out and pass along how much this has impressed me and congratulations to all at United Radio for a job well done. Ricardo may scratch his head wondering why I’m watching videos like this (well, probably not) but I know he will be very impressed at how United Radio does business and treats its customers like I was.

If I had to say one thing, I like the best about UR is the fact I can talk to a real human when I call and the fact I can actually talk to the guy fixing my part. They understand the notes and O-Scope screen shots, or diagnostic process I used and sent along with it. That means a ton to me
personally. Thanks for the great work all of you at UR do!

This impressive customer service experience could very well lead to work from this potential customer in our Consumer Electronics division. All because of the efforts put forth by UR employees to make a customer happy. It’s this collaboration that makes United Radio so great!”