LightHouse Series

Product Types:
portable towers



The LightHouse Series comes in four different sizes that all offer super-portability and efficient lighting. Sizes range from the 7.5 ft tall 250 watt LH250, to the 14 ft 1000 watt LH1000. The metal halide lights use high-quality digital ballasts for reduced weight and heat. Quiet built-in fan inflates the light tower in just 20 seconds. The LightHouse only takes one person to carry and setup. LightHouse inflatable light towers are manufactured in Cookeville, TN by the same skilled craftspeople that build balloons and airships for the US military.

LightHouse inflatable light towers were originally developed for use by emergency responders as fast deploy portable lighting for disaster relief and field operations such as search and rescue. Early adopters quickly found new uses for the versatile LightHouse in traffic safety, crime and accident scene illumination,  as well as public events by using the LightHouse tower to designate First Aid tents and other temporary public safety assets.

LightHouse inflatable towers are also particularly suited for commercial use by event managers, tent & staging companies, entertainment services, trade show displays, and corporate event planners. With the addition of  stretch fit color sleeves and light filters, the LightHouse can be quickly transformed to match event themes, or color coded to mark specific areas as needed.

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