Product Types:
Two Way Radios, Handheld



The G1 is rich with standard features including 16 minutes of stored voice and 11 minutes of voice memo.  This enables you to record your own personal messages for on-the-scene reminders, notes, etc.  The included Bluetooth allows you to pair your G1 with other devices.  There are seven different backlight color options that allow you to assign colors to different channels.

This device is a software-defined pager that allows for updates with the latest features.  Don’t miss out on the most rugged voice pager on the market!  With included features and unit in stock, we have your back while you serve your community!  Available in Red, Yellow, Black and Pink.

  1. BPR40

    Enables individuals and teams to get the job done right.
  2. CP200d

    No question, CP150TM and CP200TM radios get plenty of use.
  3. DTR650

    The better a team communicates, the more efficiently it operates.
  4. EWB100

    Provides convenient PTT communications without the need for additional infrastructure.