Product Types:
Two Way Radios, Handheld



The F9011 / F9021 series provides flexible system configuration options by supporting P25 conventional communications, P25 trunking, and analog conventional communications. These capabilities are all standard features of this radio (no add-ons needed). You can assign individual channels to analog conventional, P25 conventional, or P25 trunking, all within the same radio to make interoperability truly easy. The mixed mode operation radio allows you to detect and receive both analog and P25 communications seamlessly and to transmit either mode depending on how you choose to program.

  1. BPR40

    Enables individuals and teams to get the job done right.
  2. CP200d

    No question, CP150TM and CP200TM radios get plenty of use.
  3. DTR650

    The better a team communicates, the more efficiently it operates.
  4. EWB100

    Provides convenient PTT communications without the need for additional infrastructure.