Product Types:
Two Way Radios, Handheld



The IC-F3261D/F4261D has a model with built-in GPS that can transmit your current position. The GPS signal can be attached to a voice or data transmission and can be sent to dispatch stations. The man down function┬╣ automatically sends an emergency signal when the transceiver is left in a horizontal position. The lone worker function also can transmit an emergency signal when the radio is not operated for a preset period. These emergency signals can be sent with GPS position data to alert your co-workers or dispatcher to any potential trouble along with your location.

  1. BPR40

    Enables individuals and teams to get the job done right.
  2. CP200d

    No question, CP150TM and CP200TM radios get plenty of use.
  3. DTR650

    The better a team communicates, the more efficiently it operates.
  4. EWB100

    Provides convenient PTT communications without the need for additional infrastructure.