Beacon Series

Product Types:
portable towers



LTA Projects’ Inflatable Beacon Towers set up in minutes. They are visible from miles away, and light up a 50 ft radius work area around the tower. The inflatable Beacon Tower warns oncoming traffic of dangerous conditions, provides a beacon for a med-evac helicopter, it’s an antenna tower for your radio, & it provides lighting for your work area.


The Beacon 20 (ABT20) newest model is a more portable version of the Beacon 24. It’s visible from miles away, its light is so bright you can read test 120+ feet in all directions…and at the same time lifts your radio, cell phone repeater, or video camera. All with 5 minutes setup time!

The Beacon comes configured with either a 600 watt, 65,000 lumen MH light or a dim-mable 1000 watt light that can produce up to 105,0000 lumens. This Beacon will carry in a shoulder bag and includes foldout legs that can be sandbagged or staked down for fast setup stability.

This economical tower inflates in just 30 seconds using a powerful 1 HP blower. It operates somewhat differently to the AIR Tower series…the blower runs continuously to keep the tower inflated while at the same time keeping the high- powered light system cool.


The Beacon 24 (ABT24) is our hitch-mount version, with two different light systems to choose from.  A super-lightweight 82,000 lumen, 3000 watt Tungsten Quartz halogen 4-head system offers the most portability & instant on / off capability so that it can be flashed for extra warning visibility. We also offer a 105,000 lumen, 1000 watt high-efficiency Metal Halide system. Although heavier than the Quartz system, it gives you more light with just one-third the power required – perfect for power-restricted situations, like running from a vehicle’s inverter.

The 24 ft version attaches to the receiver hitch mount of any vehicle. Available in, white, yellow, orange, or 2-Tone.

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