AirBase Series

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The new AIRBASE Series utilizes space age materials and our latest design developments for towers with revolutionary capabilities!

Three sizes are available, and each can be carried and deployed by one person in minutes. All are available in Standard or Ultralight versions… and all models are VERY Affordable!

AIRBASE Towers come in three sizes and are available in Standard or Ultralight construction.

The Standard model is the most economical and the most rugged cloth. The Ultralight version utilizes high tech cloth that offers good durability… and an even more lightweight and portable package.

  • One-person carry & deploy
  • Requires minimal training
  • Inflatable base for stability
  • Minimal staking required
  • Lifts payload into position
  • Setup is virtually automatic
  • Our most affordable tower

With Optional 1000 watt Light Packages AIRBASE towers are ideal for illumination and provide a brilliant ‘signpost’ for your operation.

  1. Air25 Series

    This incredibly portable package, small enough to backpack or carry on the airlines inflates to a…
  2. Air37 Series

    This 37 foot tower is our most popular model, lifting 2.5 to 8.5 lbs on its upper payload plate.
  3. Air60 Series

    This 60 ft tower lifts 9 pounds on its TOP payload plate…and 10-30 lbs extra payload weight…