Air37 Series

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This 37 foot tower is our most popular model, lifting 2.5 to 8.5 lbs on its upper payload plate.


This 37 ft tower is our most popular model, lifting 2.5 pounds on its TOP Payload Plate…and 3-10 lbs extra payload weight can be carried on the upper sides.
The internal Automatic pump system inflates this huge tower in under 1 minute 20 seconds.
Shipping wt: 65 lbs.


The medium lift version of our 37 ft AIR37 Tower is made for heavier payloads. LTA Projects’ AIR37M lifts 8.5 pounds on its upper Payload Plate…and 8-15 lbs extra payload on the upper sides. Perfect for fast deployment of antenna arrays, sensor packages and video surveillance cameras Shipping wt: 70 lbs.

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