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Drone technology has unique implications for public safety personnel. To meet the specific needs of police, firefighters, and emergency management personnel, SkyOp has created this refined version of our comprehensive Intro to sUAS/Learn to Fly course.

Topics covered include public safety uses for sUAS, videos & photos, post processing, situation analysis for first responders, accident photos & assessment, large group monitoring & control, following a suspected criminal, hazardous materials incidents, terrorist threat assessment, search & rescue, active fire  situations, damage assessments, hostage situations, surveillance, and the creation of training videos.

  • Students will learn how to use and apply multi-rotors and to understand fixed-wing and autonomous flight systems. They will gain an understanding of flight vehicles and their characteristics by using a simulator and through hands-on flights of a model quadcopter. Current FAA rules and regulations, plus operational risk and safety issues, will also be addressed.
  • One of the most important but least known considerations for police, fire, and emergency management crews is that the FAA has created a separate set of regulations for public safety organizations. Our specialized public safety course guides you through the process of obtaining a public entity designation, which will allow your organization to leverage special exceptions and modified FAA regulations.
  • We also help you strategize the most effective and efficient ways to implement drones and source the hardware and software best equipped to achieve your goals.

The class consists of four 6-hour sessions presented over four days, and scheduling options vary by location. Students will improve flight skills using a model quadcopter indoors without GPS assistance. Each student will receive a flight simulator and a radio controller, and students are required to provide their own Windows or Mac PC to run the flight simulator software. Topics required to successfully pass the remote pilot knowledge test and achieve FAA remote pilot certification are covered, including regulations, interpreting navigation charts and flight restrictions.

The course fee includes: 24 hours of instruction, a Syma X5C training quadcopter, an Zephyr RC flight simulator, a Fly Sky FS-i6S radio controller, a workbook, a Sample General Order, and a copy of First to Deploy – Unmanned Aircraft for SAR & Law Enforcement by Gene Robinson.

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