A satisfied Sony customer with a simple message

In a time when many in society feel it easier to throw away a product and buy a new one, rather than get it repaired, one Sony customer found the reverse to be true.

Here is his story, that came to us in a 5-Star Google My Business review:

“Excellent, speedy service. I sent my Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds to United Radio as they were shown as the authorized repair shop by Sony and I’m so glad I did.

I didn’t want to upgrade or toss these earbuds just because of what seemed like a simple sync/hardware fix. I followed the instructions on the website to fill out a repair form and here I am 2-3 weeks later with my earbuds back and they’re working flawlessly. Incredibly well priced repair, especially for these earbuds and I can’t thank the people at UR enough for extending the life of this device.

Excellent, prompt, and professional service, the unit was also shipped back well protected with no possibility for damage. It looks like they even went over the entire unit (case and earbuds) and cleaned it for me.

If you have any devices like this that need to be repaired, they offer EXTREMELY good prices for repair. You could probably buy some broken units off of eBay and get them repaired by UR at a fraction of what you’d pay to buy even a used or refurbished pair online.

Thanks again to the team at UR for getting these back to me in excellent working condition. Big thank you to the customer service team who followed up with me at every step of the way — Alexis and Jack and obviously thank you to the tech who brought these back to life for me.”

United Radio has been a National Depot Service Center, providing quality customer service and repair work, since 2014 when the company took over the service that was being done in Mexico.

The customer concluded, “I was really happy to know that there was a U.S. based company providing these repair services.”