Automotive Electronics Recycling

As a family-owned business for almost 100 years, we strongly believe in taking care of the planet for future generations.  We currently de-manufacture all electronic components to lowest possible point and all usable portions are reclaimed for re-use or recycling. The amount of material going to the landfill is less than 1/3 of the amount from 10 years ago. United Radio also recycles or re-uses all packaging materials, including cardboard, foam packing, and peanuts.  We send 40 bales of recycled cardboard monthly to a local recycling mill for re-use as future paper products.


Inventory Management

With knowledge and experience, we understand the importance of managing global supply chains to optimize inventory levels.

Subscription Data Transfer

We provide customized automated data subscription transfer services on sales or exchange units to prevent loss of service for end customer.

Customer Service

United Radio will take care of your needs for both customer service and technical support under our name or yours.